Hey guys!!!

OK so since the thread hasnt been opened yet i thought i would beat Robin to it lol BUt im not going to go into too much detail as i think it would best to get a perspective of the past Round from someone other than a Durbanite ... All i can say is that i had alot of fun and by the looks of things everyone else did too! the vibe tension competitiveness was the same....well a little less in AWD but was still huge fun! I especially enjoyed this round not cos we hosted it but mostly cos its been my best performance thus far AND i got to properly try out rwd.

Thanks to everyone who came out, thanks to our sponsors Asiatees Hobbies, Donsday and G-Force tyres! I hope that next year we will see many more who could not make it to Durban!

Now i hand over the rest of this thread to whoever would like to share their experience!